Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Romeo-Juliet’

Ram-Leela‘Ram-leela’ from Sanjay Leela Bhansali, based on William Shakepseare’s ‘Romeo-Juliet’, ‘Ram-Leela’ gives audiences a taste of a bucolic love story wicker with a string of ammunition. As the title of the movie suggests, ‘Goliyon ki rasleela Ram-Leela-’, Bhansali’s magnum piece is about courageous bullets for the sake of love.

Ram hails from the Rajadi family which deals in producing bullets and guns. The Rajadis have a 500 year old hostility with a much richer and powerful Saneda people, headed by Kanji Bhai who is guided by mukhiya and his mother.

The Rajadis and the Sanedas only value the language of cruelty, something Ram cannot really understand. He attempts to put an end to violence. He comes across Leela at her residence, a place where he softly sneaks in along with his friends for enjoyment.

Ram and Leela’s chance run into paves the way for an eternal bond. However, their families who have constantly bartered bullets for bullets fail to accept Ram and Leela’s eternal love.The movie is good but could have been improved; the film has its own pluses and minuses. The imagination is certainly a treat to the eyes. The scenes are more like paintings in movement; especially where Ram secretly meets Leela for the very first time. It looks like an accurate tribute to Shakespeare.

However, there are definite portions that are a little too hard to consider. For example: when Leela kisses Ram on the very first day she meets him both become an undividable couple immediately. Another scene which is difficult to take in is when the mukhiya of Saneda , who does not avoid doing from cutting her daughter’s finger by using a Betel nut cracker, suddenly realizes Leela’s love few days later on seeing her injury.More over the movie is good for the audiences who love love stories.

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