Anna Hazare and his mighty way of making statement

Anna-HazareAnna Hazare has once again come into the limelight by announcing to sit on an indefinite fast starting December. This comes on a very crucial day, only a couple of days after the nail-biting election results for the proposed 5 states on December 8.

Anna has been stern and headstrong on the Jan Lokpal bill and he has left no stone upturned. His previous fast in Delhi threw several tantrums and jitters in the ruling party, which drew attention of almost the entire nation. Days passed and the fulcrum shifted to Arvind Kejriwal who formed a party strangely against the will of his disciple Anna Hazare. The Aam Aadmi Party has done quite well to develop an element of trust and faith within the youth of Delhi, and if not the majority, the party is ready to stake claim for a hung assembly. Anna has though not supported the party but has never said he doesn’t support it either. He has been sitting in Ralegan Siddhi where he makes most of the talking from. And this fast in support of Jan lokpal bill will play a significant role before the next parliament session which will be the last before the Loksabha elections, tentatively to be held in March.

It would be interesting to see how he manages to draw the media attention especially when a lot more is happening in the National Arena. But the way he has chosen his date of fast shows how consecrated he is towards the motive he is doing all this for. Only time will tell us how the story will unfold and the fact that the Jan Lokpal Bill be passed would only do wonders to an already derailed economy and stature of Indian Economy.

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