Historic turnout in Rajasthan

Rajasthan-PollingAll the eyes are glued in the ongoing elections in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi. Experts say, the vote bank and the final verdict of these three states could either mark a beginning to the longevity of the Congress Party, or bring an end to its firm hold in the South Block of Delhi.

The Election Commission confirmed a huge turnout of people in Rajasthan which shows how determined people are and craving for a change in their state. Everywhere, youth and women queued up in large numbers at polling booths. In urban constituencies like Jaipur, Jodhpur and Kota the turnout was nearly 75%, the highest ever in the state’s history. Significantly, it was 7% more than 2008. The figures show 26-27 lakh new voters came out to vote. Who are these voters?

Modi’s rally not only in Rajasthan, but in every place he has visited has seen large number of people listen to him. A major chunk of the audience was identified as youth and Modi’s aim has always been the youth, because he believes they are the ones who are responsible for growth.

Women in Rajasthan have long been seen as the ones easily influenced by their male counterparts. If Modi, inflation and an anti-Congress mood are the factors behind the record polling in Rajasthan, BJP is coming back with a huge majority. In the 2008 election the difference between Congress and BJP was just 0.9 percent. If the difference this time goes up disproportionately, Congress could be wiped out. The 75 percent figure has also destroyed the dream of those who were hoping for a hung assembly. This vote in Rajasthan is for a single party and a clear majority.

For Congress to pass this litmus test would be another feat, and the way they have pulled of elections recently, could only add to the complications in store for the locals of Rajasthan. MP and Delhi could expect a similar turnout. All we could say is , the change is inevitable.

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