Mayawati flags off campaign with Delhi

MayawatiBSP chief Mayawati flagged off her campaign for the upcoming assembly elections in Dwarka, near Delhi. The former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister delivered her trademark style of speeches and requested her voters to vote for her party in the forthcoming Assembly Elections.

Mayawati took no time to hold the Government responsible for the increase in price of essential commodities and other basic necessities. “The economic condition of the poor in Muslim community and other religious minorities too is not very good. This fact has been brought to light in the Sachar committee report.”, she said and added that all efforts from the central and the state government went in vain as the economic stability was taken to a toss since the UPA-2 rule. Mayawati has always played an unpredictive game when it has come to extending her support to the UPA government. She has walked out in the parliament house during the voting of crucial bills, and this statement could even give an indication of the future allies with NDA. But the uncertainty factor has often made Mayawati what she is today and her tremendous vote base doesn’t throw her out the game.

“You have to understand why you should vote for only BSP and not Congress or BJP in this elections. Since independence, be it in the states or at the Centre, most of the governments have been in the hands of either Congress of BJP,” she said. Mayawati has always been supportive and firm on support to Dalits and the backward class. She added in front of a huge turnaround, that the Central Government has done nothing to the backward class, the social and the economic situation of the poor has maintained the same graph for over a decade now. “Whatever reservation has been given to SC/STs and other minorities in education, employment and politics due to Dr Ambedkar’s efforts, there is a deliberate conspiracy to bring this to an end,” she alleged.

Mayawati by her looks seems to be confident in securing good numbers in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections, she could prove to be a game-changer, but her last moment split second decisions are what which have made the difference in the big arena. We only have to play the waiting game to see what unfolds, but by the look of it, seems like we are heading towards one of the closest elections after the Independence.

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