Modi, Kejriwal: Common man’s representatives

Narendra-Modi-Arvind-KejriwalArvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi are the two faces of the modern era in Indian politics whose motive is the same but the style of doing it is different. One is an IITian, former IRS officer who sets the tone with his own regiment of a bunch of social and secular fundamentalists. The other is from a simple family and whose family bleeds in saffron right from their birth.

In a recent CNN IBN survey done by CSDS, more than half of those who preferred Kejriwal for Delhi chief ministership, opted for Narendra Modi to be their prime ministerial choice. This survey though can be claimed baseless but has a lot more to offer in reality, a reality which a common man can digest. The young brigade of Delhi seem to have swept away by speeches of the two people, at least the initial reactions show that. For the highly judgmental Kejriwal, the ‘establishment’ includes the national parties, as well as corporate India and anyone who is seen to be above a certain income level. For the Hindutvawadi Modi, the ‘establishment’ is primarily the Nehru-Gandhi family and their supporters.

The opinion polls have come in favor of both the leaders, each different in their style but similar in the thinking, vision and atrocity. The ruling party has gone all guns blazing to damage the reputation of these visionary men and every time they have had a way to answer the allegations. Be it the NRI funding for AAP or the snooping allegation against Modi. But, one thing has been common in both of their upcoming, and it has been the intensive media coverage which has raised them from amateurs to social servants, Modi was always in the limelight for his work in Gujarat, but after his anointment to PM candidate has only been given the spark by media which has indirectly helped him reach the position he is in today.

The big question is: will Modi and Kejriwal succeed in their respective missions? There are no magic wands in politics and electoral arithmetic can often be far more complex than voter chemistry. What is clear, though, is they have the people’s trust and the upcoming Delhi elections can perhaps prove to be the beginning of the change of the Indian system or an end of the dream of becoming a developed country.

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