BJP shocks all: Promises Telangana!

BJPBJP national leaders shocked all by promising Telananga in 2014 after coming to power. This statement from BJP president Rajnath Singh created sensation since UPA Govt led by Congress already taken a decision to form Telangana and even discussion is going on in Andhra Pradesh assembly over the Telangana bill sent by President. Sonia Gandhi led Congress party is planning to table Telangana bill in parliament in Feb.

This shows that BJP will not support Telangana bill which will be tabled in Parliament by the Congress party. Rajnath Singh, though in his statements supported Telangana formation did not promise the Govt that his party will support Telangana bill in parliament.

Coming down heavily on Govt, BJP President said “Even then, due to internal politics, the government has not been able to take a final decision,” He added, “Due to the hypocrisy of the Congress regarding Telangana, dissatisfaction and outrage in both Telangana and Seemandhra regions have increased. Instead of solving this, Congress is more interested in balancing its political equations.”

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