CM challenges Centre to table T bill

Kiran-Kumar-ReddyCM Kiran Kumar Reddy who is shocking all by defying all powerful Sonia Gandhi again and again, created sensation by daring Union Government to table the Telangana bill in the present form. He challenged that if Centre tables the same bill which it sent to state assembly without any changes and get is passed in the Parliament, then he will quit politics.

Kiran thundered and accused Union Home Ministry of misleading President Pranab Mukherjee. He said “President Pranab Mukherjee has been cheated by the home department”. Speaking to media he said “I will get away from politics if the Bill that was sent to the assembly is presented without any changes in Parliament and gets its approval. They (home ministry) know this and even the President was cheated by the home department,”

Kiran elaborating further said “They have sent a blank Bill to us and want our opinion on that,” . Kiran wondered “Till now, only 86 members have expressed their views. Will you call it the opinion of the entire House? Members have proposed 9,026 amendments? What will happen to them?” On Center getting ready to pass the bill in Parliament without considering state objections, Kiran questioned “Why did they send the Bill to the assembly? They can as well introduce the Bill directly in Parliament. Why ask the state’s opinion in the first place?”

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