Congress ‘T’ensions In Core Committee


Congress party is experiencing tensions on what decision it should take on Telangana. Though its leaders are coming out with statements that they will pass the Telangana bill in the next session of Parliament, they are extremely worried about the fate of the bill.

Core Committee headed by PM Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi which met yesterday discussed AP assembly rejecting the Telangana bill. Entire discussion revolved around CM Kiran’s strategies, other parties change of stands and game plans and political turbulence in Andhra Pradesh.

Sonia even asked advice of seniors on CM Kiran’s statements that the Telangana bill has lot of constitutional mistakes. She even asked to consider sending the bill back to assembly if the bill has mistakes by making some changes. However some said if this is done, they cannot win elections in Telangana and TRS will sweep the polls. Others cautioned her that if bill is passed with loopholes supreme court will stall the process.

Some suggested to refer the bill to high power committee while another member suggested to keep the bill in cold storage till a solution is found. However Sonia is of the opinion to go ahead as they have done lot of ground work. Sources say Congress is planning to paint BJP as culprit in Parliament.

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