PIL Against Voice Vote

telanganaTelangana supporters were left shell shocked with the way the Telangana bill was supported by Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy in Andhra Pradesh assembly after discussion through voice vote. Regaining their composure, Telangana Rashtra Parishad party decided to file PIL against the whole process in Supreme Court.

According to the sources party intends to file a PIL in the supreme court against The Illegal Resolution passed by by voice vote in the AP Assembly and for rejecting The Telangana Bill. It alleges that since neither leader of the house nor legislative affairs minister moved the motion and the motion itself was not debated, it is illegal on the part of speaker to announce defeat of Telangana bill.

Ramesh Pothula, Vice President of Telangana Rashtra Parishad party said “Therefore the TRP Party intends to seek the intervention of Supreme Court to protect the rights of 4.5 cr telangana people,”

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