President Doing ‘T’ Preparations

Pranab-MukarjeeNow with UPA led Union Government getting ready to finalise cabinet note on Telangana and bring legislation in the winter session of Parliament and send the same to President Pranab Mukherjee, even President is doing his own ‘T’ preparations.

Highly reliable sources say President Pranab Mukherjee already decided what action he should take once the bill comes for his approval. More recently he got first hand information from AP Governor ESL.Narasimhan and even sought written clarifications on some constitutional issues.

President after coming to know that Government is taking some crucial bifurcation on key issues, asked clarification from Governor regarding the same. He asked Governor if Hyderabad is made UT how will he control law and order. He enquired if 371H powers are conferred then will he act as Lieutenant Governor. He also asked whether it is possible to implement both 371 H and 258 A simultaneously.

Sources say Governor already sent a note to President on the same. Narasimhan said with 371 H provisions, Governor can maintain law and order. However in another note he expressed concerns to Pranab that running assembly will be extremely difficult and cited how some politicians pulled his chair too and said it will be even more tense atmosphere. He suggesed implementation of President Rule as the only solution.

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