Seemandhra MPs To Slap No Confidence Motion?

seemandra-mp'sSeemandhra MPs from Congress may once again embarrass its High Command by moving no confidence motion against UPA Govt once again. Seemandhra Cong MPs revealed that they will go to the extent of toppling their own Govt to stall division. They threatened to stop the both houses from functioning if their no confidence motion is not allowed. Sources say 6 Cong MPs are behind these moves and they claim the support of 80 MPs.

Even Union Govt is planning to expel seemandhra MPs so as to ensure smooth functioning of the Parliament in order to pass Telangana bill. Rajamundhry MP Arun Kumar said “Last session, we held back a bit because of Lokpal bill and Anna Hazare. This time, there is no Anna or Lokpal. We will not let the government table the bill,”

Digvijay Singh said “The decision to create Telangana was taken after widest consultations with all including BJP, TDP and others. It is Congress’s commitment,”

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