T Bill doesn’t need Assembly approval

Abhishek-Manu-SinghviAICC official spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi once again reiterated that Government of India is committed to the formation of Telangana state bifurcating Andhra Pradesh. Speaking to media on Telangana issue he said Telangana bill doesn’t need AP assembly approval to divide the state. He said what happened in AP assembly was in the expected lines of Govt of India’s thinking.

He at the same time expressed doubts on main opposition party BJP’s support when the bill is tabled in the Parliament. He said the Govt will follow all constitutional and legal procedures in the formation of Telangana. Singhvi just said that CM Kiran is following his own politics but did not comment on his defying Cong High Command all the time. He said BJP’s crocodile tears on Telangana would be exposed in parliament.

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