Vijayashanti alleges life threat to her from TRS

VijayashanthiDaring actress turned politician Vijayashanti today made sensational allegations on TRS party. She alleged that some TRS members are wishing for her death.

The firebrand politician has come out of the party and kept people guessing of her political stand for sometime before she jumped into Congress. She was at her constituency (Medak) today to lay foundation for railway station.

She spoke after the function and alleged that the party betrayed her despite her fight for Telangana for over a decade!

At one point during the speech she became so emotional that she said
she was astrayed by all party members that she had become alone in the
party prompting her to leave it!

All we wonder is that what must have prompted a talented actress to
embrace dirty politics. What enticed her in the political arena that
she didn’t get in Tollywood. She was reckoned as lady Amitabh Bachchan
before she quit movies, remember?

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