1.5crs for a RS seat?

Rajya-SabhaCurrently assembly is discussing all important bill pertaining to Andhra Pradesh’s future and in the midst of all this Rajya Sabha elections are coming in February. A midst all this seemandhra Congress MLAs are furious on Congress Party for going ahead with division.

Indications are more than 70 MLAs will leave the party with some going towards Jagan Mohan Reddy’s YSRCP and other Chandra Babu’s TDP and some people looking expectantly towards CM Kiran’s new party.

In the meantime as popular industrialist from Nellore is planning to win Rajya Sabha elections. Buzz is he even offered Rs 1.5crs for each vote in his favor. Sources say instead of facing peoples wrath in seemandhra, he feels it is better to go to Rajya Sabha spending some money. It has to be seen how successful he will be in his attempts.

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