Jagan enacting Sonia’s T strategy?

Jagan-Mohan-ReddyThe way YSRCP leaders are behaving in the assembly is leading to suspicion that Jagan is enacting Sonia Gandhi’s strategy on Telangana. YSRCP leaders are hellbent on having samiakya resolution passed in the assembly though they are fully aware that it couldn’t be done so in the current circumstances. Many seemandhra leaders from Cong and TDP suspect that YSRCP leaders are working on getting suspended from the assembly and thus bring down the support to united Andhra Pradesh.

Once that is done, Telangana bill could be passed even if it is put to voting. It is known that CM Kiran Kumar Reddy is keen on having discussion on Telangana bill in the assembly and defeat it in the floor of the house. At present if YSRCP leaders support, the bill could be easily defeated, but with out YSRCP T bill will be passed in the assembly.

Many say YSRCP wants Telangana formation at any cost as it can then sweep next elections in seemandhra. If Telangana is not formed then it will be difficult for it since it will be left with no option. Though seemandhra representatives of all parties are blasting YSRCP, the party leaders say once they are suspended Jagan will be taking a yatra supporting Samaikyandhra cause.

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