KTR triggers another controversy

KTRTRS leaders ride on stoking emotions in Telangana region. They do it by making allegation on seemandhra people. Right from the party’s chief KCR, son KTR,daughter Kavitha and nephew Harish Rao does that to perfection and the same is followed by other leaders.

If someone try to question them they will charge them of insulting Telangana people. His son KTR triggered controversy in the assembly while discussing Telangana bill. He said said, “The Seemandhra leaders are making a hue and cry over the destruction of a few mud idols on Tank Bund (during Million March), but they are indifferent to the fact that more than 1,000 students immolated themselves for the cause of Telangana.”

Even as TDP and Congress MLAs from seemandhra started protesting, Minister Danam Nagender intervened and tried diverting the topic saying “KTR’s remark is deplorable, but what about TDP president Chandrababu Naidu encouraging his party colleagues to demolish the statues of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. What about the TDP members building graves for Sonia Gandhi?”

TDP chief whip D.Narendra countered KTR’s statements reminding him saying “KCR was a minister in the TDP government and he was the member of the committee on the statues. KCR switched sides after losing the ministerial position and began espousing the cause of Telangana for the sake of power,”. KTR however tried to cool down the tempers saying , “I just wanted to expose the hollowness of the Samikayandra movement. Gandra did not protest when the chief minister said in the same House that he would not spare even a rupee for Telangana. I will never apologize for my words.”

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