Sonia Talli Turning Telangana Talli

Sonia-GandhiThe moment Sonia Gandhi, Congress President announced formation of Telangana and sent the cabinet note to President which subsequently was sent to State Assembly,Former Minister P.Sankar Rao announced that he will install Sonia Statue in a Temple constructed in Sonia.

Currently seemandhra artisan is overseeing the work of making a bronze statue of Sonia Gandhi. Choosing a sculptor from seemandhra itself raised many eye brows but now many eye brows are raised with Sonia Gandhi statue resembling Telangana Talli. Sonia Gandhi’s statue has an ear of maize in one hand, and a platter with grains on the other similar to the Telangana Talli statue designed by TRS chief KCR.

Former minister P Sankara Rao has ordered the bronze statue of Sonia Gandhi for a temple he is constructing in Shadnagar assembly constituency in Mahbubnagar district. BVS Prasad, a national award winner for making the statue of BR Ambedkar which has been installed in Yanam, is readying the statue. Sankar Rao said “We have requested Prasad to prepare clay model statue and promised to finalise the deal. After seeing the clay model, we have given him the order for bronze statue, The 8.5-feet tall Sonia statue weighs 840 kgs”.

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