rayala-telanganaPouring cold water on the dreams of Telanagna people and jubiliation of Telangana representatives from various parties Group of Ministers constituted by Govt of India showed its affection for ‘Rayala-Telengana’, finalising its report recommending Rayala Telangana to Union Cabinet.

Both the Telangana note and GOM report will be placed in front of Cabinet for approval Today. Union Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde after the GOM meet yesterday evening at 8PM said “The GoM, which was constituted on October 3 has completed its task. The report will be submitted to the Cabinet tomorrow,”

Govt has taken this decision despite intelligence reports against Rayala Telangana, opposition from various parties. Govt feels with this problems like water sharing, power problem and even uprise in demand in Rayalaseema for separate state in future could be quelled. Congress also plans to have equal representation for both seemandhra and telangana with its decision.

Rayala Telangana formation leaves both the states with 21 Lok Sabha seats each, 147 seats each in the assembly and 45 seats each in the legislative council.

It has to be seen how it passes Rayala Telangana bill with so much opposition from both the regions in Andhra Pradesh.

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