AAP, The Change People Dreamt Off

AAPSeldom in India, there emerge political parties which strike a latent chord in its very first attempt. People are comparing this victory of Arvind Kejriwal with that of NT Rama Rao in 1980’s, but this is a one of its kind. NT Rama Rao had a huge following hailing from a movie background. But Kejriwal emerged into the limelight as a social activist, an IITian who left his normal life with a hope to change the nation with the same ideology other parties have been following over decades.

AAP’s success has caused a ripple effect. In Rohtak, Haryana CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda’s town, an office of the local AAP unit sprouted overnight. In Kochi, the party is set to launch its Kerala campaign by challenging the controversial Aranmula airport project. Several students in IIM-Calcutta have started campaigning for AAP. And at least one IIT-Kharagpur student, inspired by alumnus Kejriwal, has decided to give up engineering and start voluntary work.

Sociologist Dipankar Gupta offers a reason for the zeal. “Even when watching AAP from a distance, everyone felt they were part of the movement. Kejriwal and company have been inspirational nationwide,” he says.

In AAP’s success, many have found something personal to rejoice over. That’s why in Mumbai, women on local trains on Monday discussed how prices of essentials could fall, if parties like AAP came to power. A few compartments away, a bunch of kirtan singers were celebrating their triumph. “Yesterday’s powerful Congress party lies shattered today and one among us has now become powerful,” says one of them.

The success story of AAP has not come overnight, Kejriwal and his team has done plenty of ground work and these assembly polls have only dolloped to the existing trust people had developed for him. Every volunteer has come on his own and people have felt that the party is their own be it auto rickshaw drivers, engineering students, environmental activists, scientists and many more. This has now become a rage and the big question still looms over AAP is that the spark ignited in Delhi would continue to enlighten many such across India. Only time will answer this questions and we all have ous eyes pinned on what Kejriwal would do to change the stature of Indian Politics.

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