BJP’s ‘Hide N Seek’ With Kiran,Jagan,CBN

bjpState of Andhra Pradesh is crucial in the formation of Any Government at Centre. In the last two general elections AP with more than 30 MPs helped Congress Party to form Govt at Centre. But now with Congress party turning its own villain, playing with fire taking decision on Telangana and throwing out Jagan from the party, there is political vacuum created in the state.

With prospects for coming to power in Centre looking bright for BJP, it is concentrating on Andhra Pradesh after spoiling its first Southern Govt in Karnataka with rampant corruption. BJP from the beginning is clear with its stand on Telangana.

To brighten its prospects in the state and increase even post poll alliances, it is leaving no stone unturned. It tried to rope in Jagan Mohan Reddy and is in talks with Chandra Babu. Now it is wooing even CM Kiran Kumar Reddy who is contemplating on launching a new party.

BJP feels that it should keep all its options open so that it can do heavy bargaining rather than confine to one particular leader which weakens its position. Let us see who will emerge winners in this Hide and Seek game.

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