Chandrababu Eyes on Delhi

chandra-BabuNew Delhi: Now a day’s People of Andhra Pradesh are getting a common doubt on Telugu Desham Party and its Supremo Nara ChandraBabu Naidu strategy on State bifurcation. Why Babu is silent on state bifurcation while leaders like Jagan are crying foul ? Why Naidu concentrating more on National Politics and fighting in Delhi on various issues? Here is the answers.

Chandrababu Naidu, Nine years Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh known as one of the worthy politician in South India. With his strong hold over Party, now Babu planning to shift to Delhi and wants to be a National Leader. For his fame as a Hi-tech CM at that time, Babu has got lot of priority and respect by Several National Leaders from both Extreme Right wing parties like BJP and Left wing parties like CPI and CPM. But now situation turned into a different way. Since few months Party completely weakened by different issues like State Bifurcation and lack of co-ordination between its party leaders. To overcome all these issues Babu planned a strategy that will strengthen the party to the both sides of the State.

By observing the political scenario in Andhra Pradessh babu decided to keep mum on bifurcation issue and fighting on issues like Uthharakhand floods and Brijesh tribunal award on Krishna water dispute which can attracts the attention of the National Media. As per his hope Babu expecting good results in next Parliament elections as Party has a strong Party cadre up to village level and loyal leaders all over the state.If TDp gets good number of MP seats Babu wants to play key role in the next coalition government formed by the National Democratic Alliance.

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