CM indulging in suspension politics

CM-Kiran-Kumar-ReddyCM Kiran Kumar Reddy in order to make assembly function and direct the course of Telangana bill discussion is now indulging in suspension politics. For long TRS,BJP,CPI and T MLAs from Cong and TDP have been demanding suspension of YSRCP MLAs.

Now CM Kiran decided to suspended YSRCP MLAs who are stalling the proceedings in the assembly without allowing discussion on Telangana bill. They are demanding resolution on samaikyandhra before any discussion on T bill. However CM Kiran is planning to have discussion and then defeat it on the floor of the house.

However at the sametime CM Kiran is against suspending TDP leaders who too are disrupting the house. The fate of the discussions on the Telangana Bill depends on the YSRC and TDP Seemandhra MLAs. TDP leaders are demanding if CM Kiran suspends YSRCP members then he should suspend them too.

The strategy of the Telangana MLAs is that if YSRC and TDP Seemandhra MLAs are suspended from the House, the strength of the Seemandhra MLAs in the House comes down. CM Kiran fearing that would bring down the numbers opposing T bill, decided against suspending TDP MLAs.

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