Fiery Tigress breathes fire

Renuka-ChowdaryRenuka Chowdary is known for her bold and daring attitude. She is regarded as a firebrand in Congress Party. With demand for Bhadrachalam to be part of the new Telangana state increasing day by day, Renuka took car rally from Palair to Bhadrachalam.

However her rally took a violent turn when it reached Tekulapalli. Supporters of Minister Ramreddy Venkatreddy stopped her demanding her arrest. They allege that MP Renuka Chowdary abused Boyagudem sarpanch by caste. Even before this could be subsided with police arresting the minister’s supporters, in Karepalli, Singareni Mandal, Telangana supporters attacked her throwing eggs on her convoy and shouting slogans against her.

Renuka who got furious said her opponents awoke a sleeping tigress and she will not sit calm without pouncing on them. She dared them to face her saying she will stay at the same place. Situation is tense following the postures of both MP Renuka Chowdary and Minister Ramreddy Venkatreddy.

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