Jagan Takes Chennai By Storm

jaganJagan Mohan Reddy draws huge crowds whereever he goes. Even national media covers his news and speeches. While his opponents criticise him that he is paying crowds to attend his meets and rallies, his party leaders say people are coming voluntarily. Opposition parties may be true on watching massive crowds at his meetings in Andhra Pradesh, but outside AP, it will be difficult to get crowds by paying them as he is a non entity.

However Jagan took Chennai by storm yesterday when he landed there to meet DMK chief Karunanidhi and TN CM Jayalalitha. Right from the moment he landed in Meenambakkam airport, he was welcomed with supporters showering flowers and drumbeating youth and supporters wearing his masks dancing and competing with each other to shake hands with him.

From airport to reach Kattipara junction, it took more than 2 hours for Jagan as the entire road is filled with his supporters. Jagan had to comeout of his vehicle and bow to them. Onlookers were shocked as entire Chennai was full of his cutouts,posters and YSRCP flags. Even in front of Karunanidhi’s house and CM Jayalalitha’s house huge flexies of Jagan were erected.

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