Many Strategies-Burning State-Winner Is?

AndraState of Andhra Pradesh known as Annapurna fast became a crucial state for any party which aspire to rule Delhi. Earlier Tamil Nadu used to be the crucial state with national parties trying to woo major players in the state either Karunanidhi’s DMK or Jayalalitha’s AIADMK. But rise in regional parties and start of coalition era turned AP a crucial state.

From the beginning TDP and Congress used to be the major players. Chandra Babu played important role in the formation of United Front and NDA Govt at centre while Rajasekhar Reddy helped his Congress led UPA come to power twice.

This made Sonia to think AP is golden goose and if she cuts she will get more golden eggs. However this turned Shining State of Andhra Pradesh into Burning State. She thinking that it was her charm that bought Congress to power in Andhra Pradesh,insulted YSR’s son Jagan making him a martyr.

Not to stop with She and before Chandra Babu failed to deal with KCR with political acumen and their lack of foresight bought down the image of Hyderabad brand. Now in the run up to elections Congress is thinking divide and rule will bring power in AP, while TRS is confined to Telangana, MIM is trying to expand playing Rayala Telangana card, BJP once again Telangana, Chandra Babu fasting on various issues while Jagan fighting for United AP and peoples issues.

All parties are evolving differnt strategies in the burning state. It is a million dollar question as to who will emerge winner.

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