Scared Seemandhra Ministers Hiding Behind Sonia!

mp'sSeemandhra Ministers and representatives for long have been boasting that they were not resigning from their posts as they were confident of stalling the Telangana bill when they come to discussion in the cabinet. However with cabinet finally approving Telangana bill and even sent to the President, seemandhra ministers and representatives fearing severe backlash are hiding behind Sonia Gandhi.

They are scratching their heads hanging them in shame and are planning their future course of action. Though they leaked news that they will be resigning enmasse after meeting President Pranab Mukherjee,no one is believing them as they have enacted such dramas earlier.

Seemandhra ministers told Govt that they will sign dissent note on Telangana bill but even those threats did not scare away Sonia. Ministers later turned mute spectators when entire division started happening. Seemandhra people are furious on their representatives and are even branding them as eunuchs.

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