Telangana vulnerable to many threats?

Telanagana-StateSonia Gandhi Gandhi is keen on dividing Andhra Pradesh using its UPA led Union Government to minimize the electoral losses in the state. Process is in full swing with GOM finalizing the draft on Telangana bill and cabinet all set to take final decision on Dec 3rd before tabling it in the winter session of Parliament.

However various intelligence inputs warn that formation of Telangana make it susceptible to many threats and are of the opinion that Telangana do not have the wherewithal to survive them.

While CM Kiran Kumar Reddy from the beginning warning of many problems like water sharing, electricity problem and even highlighted increase in Maoist attacks and extremist attacks and went to the extent of telling Telangana state will be terror prone making it another Kashmir. He points that already Hyderabad became Terrorist Adda.

Even firebrand MP Renuka Chowdary agreed with CM Kiran’s words but said they cannot give up Telangana demand. Now some national dailies revealed that Sri Krishna Committee’s secret report contained exactly the same which the Govt put it in dust bin. Buzz is Srikrishna Committee warned in 2010 itself that Telangana state with Hyderabad result in increase in Jihadi terror, Hindu extremism, attacks on seemandhra business establishments.

Wonder how Telangana state tackle all these problems. Realizing a dream is one thing, living in reality is another thing.Hope everyone realize it.

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