Who are behind New Parties?

Lagadapati-Rajagopal-Manda-Krishna-MadigaAndhra Pradesh is witnessing emergence of new parties in the run up for general elections. New parties feel that with current leaders and parties giving importance to only votes,magic numbers and power, they have ample chance to win peoples confidence if they tread carefully.

They feel even a few seats may give them a bargaining power in the changed political situation in the state. Analysts say there will be Samaikyandhra Rashtra Sadhana Party soon. Even Lagadapati Rajagopal,Cong MP from Vijayawada is planning to launch his new party for Samaikayandhra with in ten days. Already MRPS founding president Manda Krishna Madiga launched his Mahajana Socialist Party.

While clarity is on these three parties, some more parties may take birth in future. However the question will the parties enter the fray on their own or someone will direct them from behind has to be seen. Lok Satta party got 6 lakh votes contesting all seats in the state. Though it couldn’t come to power, it stalled the march of TDP. Same is the case of the then PRP of Chiranjeevi.

PRP launched by Chiranjeevi created record by getting 70lakhs votes and 17% vote share. All lead players are worried how the new parties stall their march to power. Congress is trying to romp home once again encouraging new parties and dividing negative votes on its performance.

Cong high command after getting clear picture is planning to divide BC,SC,Kamma votes with CM Kiran’s new party. Many suspect whether Manda Krishna’s party is also remote controlled by Congress. Even earlier some say Lok Satta and PRP enjoyed the tacit support of Ahmed Patel, political advisor of Sonia Gandhi.

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