Chiru to use Brahmastram on Andhra Pradesh?

chiranjeeviMegastar Chiranjeevi is once the top star in South India. In fact, he is stated to be the first Indian hero to cross the remuneration mark of 1 Crores. In 1992, Chiru crossed 1 Crore remuneration while Amithab and Rajini were still in lakh’s.

For around 3 decades, Chiru enjoyed success in Tollywood with high remuneration. Soon after he left film industry, spectators felt that his place can’t be filled. Even though Pawan and Mahesh were racing to occupy that position, fans of Megastar are saying that the seat is still vacant. They are saying that the actor Chiranjeevi himself can fill that seat again with his 150th venture.

Analysts are saying that Chiru kept that 150th flick as Brahmastram. They are saying that he may use this weapon on Tollywood box office just before 2014 elections. On one hand it will make his fans feel happy and on the other hand, it will help him in gaining popularity in the hearts of Andhra Pradesh people. This helps him politically!

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