Top five sexiest Telugu actors

Power-Star-Pawan-KalyanThe success of Attarintiki Daredi worked well with Pawan Kalyan to keep him next to the hottest in Tollywood and he is leading to get top place in every poll conducted in recent times. Recently the Hollywood popular magazine People conducted a survey on sexiest actors from both Tollywood and Kollywood. Surprisingly, Power Star Pawan Kalyan took the top place, and so far and of course now on too considered matinee idol, best looking and handsome hero of Tollywood Mahesh Babu, took the second place. This certainly indicating the top position in Tollywood also a bouncing ball like in Bollywood, gone are the days to enjoy the top position for a several years without considering the hit or flop, like the first and second generation of Tollywood stars. On the other hand this trend may help to create a healthy competition among the Tollywood young stars if they take it as a positive sign. Let us see how many will taste this top star position.
According to the latest poll from Pople Magazine, here is the list of sexiest Telugu actors
Top 5 Sexiest Telugu Actors in India:
1.Pawan Kalyan.
2.Mahesh Babu.
4.Allu Arjun.

Coming to Kollywood, superstar Vijay has overtaken Surya and Ajith and stands as a sexiest man alive in Kollywood in the same People Magazine poll conducted recently. Vijay too delivered a Kollywood Industry blockbuster Tuppaki recently. Here is the list of sexiest Tamil actors.

Top 5 Sexiest Tamil Actors in India:

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