SS Rajamouli’s Iron Tongue joke

S-S-Rajamouli-TLThere is a funny joke going on in Filmnagar about Rajamouli. It was revealed in Nitya Menen’s Malini 22 audio launch that the ace director seem to have fully impressed with Nitya’s acting and is praising her top to bottom. He even went on saying that he will do his next movie with any hero who suits well beside Nitya Menen. The praises song reminded every one about the audio function of Maryada Ramanna. SSR that night praised Saloni as if the best actress on the earth and the actress slowly disappeared in to horizon.

People are joking that Nitya Menen should also be careful of SSR’s Iron Tongue. Anyways, Rajamouli’s next film is at least 2 years away (Shooting time of Baahubali and script work time for his next film). Who knows who is a Raju or who is a Reddy (a popular saying in Telugu).

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